Friday, May 29, 2015

Does he stay home because he has Down syndrome?

 I have been ask so many times why didn't you bring your son? Why don't you just take him with you? Here is my answer. I am not ashamed of my son because he has Down syndrome. I am a very proud momma. (VERY PROUD)He is not a burden or hard to handle nor is he a hassle to just take him where I go. He is a perfect baby actually. I mean look at this smile, how can I not be proud and want to show him off! 

He is just like any other child except 1 thing. One huge thing. Your germs are so huge to my little baby that I can't bare seeing him sick and fighting for his life over a simple cold. A cold that is nothing to a "typical" child is huge to mine. Your child can take antibiotics, rest and be better in a few days. But to my child with Down syndrome a cold can mean his life. Yes his LIFE.. 

I see daily our kids fighting for life after what started out as a "simple cold" they are hooked to every machine possible, breathing is down hill and mom sits there begging for healing and prayers. Mom feels helpless because really she is helpless. Her baby is fighting for life over a simple cold. I've been there, not as bad as some but I've watched my baby struggle for his next breath, scream and cry every time he has to be deep suctioned just to catch a breath. I felt helpless. I begged for healing, I begged for his suffering to ease and to just feel better. 

  So before you judge or question my parenting, stop and think, maybe I know What's best for my child. I don't need or want your germs. Yes, germs are everywhere and in everything we touch. I can't avoid them all but you can bet I will do my best to avoid them during cold season. I love my son, I'm proud of my son and this is why I don't always have my son with me. I want him safe. I want him healthy. I just want to be the best mom I can be for my son and if that means he stays home more to stay healthy then so be it. 
  And yes, I'm the mom that will say "Dont touch my child" (if needed) I am his voice and his protector and I will continue to be. I will also continue to keep him home when I feel it's best for us. So! Wash your hands and stop by anytime!:)

And that's why my son is not always with me!! 

A very loving protective mom 

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  1. He is so cute there is nothing wrong with keeping your child at home because you dont want them to get sick.