Monday, February 1, 2016

Can you see past my almond eyes?

I recently read a comment on a photo of a child who had Down syndrome, the comment read, "your different", you don't look like Down syndrome, "you look like your momma and poppa." 
   Let me clarify a few things, that comment shot me in my heart. Do you really only see my beautiful almond eyes, my lower set ears, my flatter facial features, or maybe it's my sweet my tiny hands. 
  The comment went on to say, "I use to feel sorry for parents who have children with Down syndrome because they won't get to experience the excitement of their children looking like them"! 
     Please don't feel sorry for me or any other family, I promise if you open your eyes and heart, you will SEE our kids look like us too not just "Down syndrome" .. My son has his brothers hair, his eyes I see in his siblings and mine, his hands resemble his dad's. His attitude is from his momma, his smile is brighter than the Bermuda sun. I don't want you to see just Down syndrome, please open your eyes, see our kids with their siblings and parents. You will learn something  you will also learn that we are NOT sorry, we don't want your pity, 
"Oh that poor mom" "oh that poor kid" 
       Yes many have the features that are common, but come on! Those kinds of comments make me stop and think of the fight I have ahead of me for my sons schools days. Will his friends only see his diagnosis? I hope not! 
   So, please see past my adorable, blue almond eyes! Please look past my diagnosis and know that I'm happy and my family is happy and we look alike! We are just like you!!!!! 
            Stop labeling us!!!! 


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if these type comments and resulting answers were totally unnecessary? There will always be those who think people who don't fit the norm are a disappointment to their families...wouldn't it be better to ignore them than to waste time answering?